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วิทยุสื่อสาร Tait ในประเทศไทย


CCTV, Wireless Broadcast, 2Way Radio, LED Street light and LED Screen

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Green Earth

Save Earth on the important matter such as global warming by using alternative energy resources together with renewable energy. Those substitute energies are solar energy, solar power, and wind energy also by using the LED technology would save more power. Come and be part on saving energy and preserving the earth today.

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Green Technology

Products and innovation from Imedia innovation company are modern design that gives you access to the technology of the future as follows

• Wireless Broadcast & Warning System

• LED Solar Lighting

• LED Street Lighting & Control System

• LED Full Color Multi-Media Display

• Two-way Radios

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Green Life

Making rural life easier and more convenient for Thailand’s hinterland communities, Imedia Innovation’s products introduce them to the lifestyle of tomorrow by anticipating future trends and requirements. Security and safety concerns are at eased when using

• Wireless Broadcast & Warning System, which keeps you up to current important events as well as in any emergency events.

• CCTV cameras, which boost confidence about safety and security 24-hours a day.

• LED Street Lighting with natural color where it will not harm human eyes

• Program Control System, which regulates security and lighting, allows an improved on energy management and saving.

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