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Imedia Innovation Company Limited

A leading manufacturer and supplier of Wireless surveillance cameras or CCTV, LED lamps lighting and Wireless Broadcast & Warning System by using computer and controller to control the system for high efficiency outcome. Together with indoor and outdoor LCD multimedia advertising monitors which are available for distribution to government agencies and private sectors.

The company focuses on quality manufacturing and raw material. The products produced here are quality control and excellent durability. With certificate from International Standard Organization (ISO) as well as Thailand Standards requirement (TIS) to support those claims.

In present, we have gained respect and trust from government agencies in many regions all over Thailand and expanded distribution through local sales distribution channel.

Large sales are increasing in Central, East, Northeast, North and South, with the demand of order to install CCTV and wireless broadcasting more than 300 units where the number of devices were installed more than 3,500 units.

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